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EB Motorsport Products: Built not Bought

Here’s another good example of the EB Motorsport "built not bought" philosophy: making parts for our 1965 SWB Porsche 911 race car.

When the previous rear anti-roll bar on our 911 race car (bought elsewhere in the UK) snapped in half at an event last year, it was obvious that the seller’s claims of using solid tube were false. We replaced that broken anti-roll bar with a full EB-manufactured anti-roll bar kit for Porsche 911 designed and made completely in house - see it here in our shop.

This setup does not work on the back of the 1965 911, so we had to forge our own rear bar. Seen here is Mark heating the bar being used, before hammering shape into the ends and heating the bar so it can be bent to size.

When we say we make our parts, it is exactly what we mean!

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