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EB 911R engine details & close up

In between races, raising families and restoring old houses (don’t ask), we’re also finding time to work on our various Porsche projects, including the 911R build started last year.

This exceptional 911 features the very best parts we produce, all assembled with care and the finest attention to detail. The engine is a great example of how we do things here at EB Motorsport, so we’re delighted to share pics and specification. 

Our 2-litre flat six 911R engine has been built using a pair of proper magnesium cases, internally smoothed and gas flowed to perfection. Our EB ’mojo’ includes:

  • Magnesium small fan & housing
  • Magnesium racing oil filter assembly
  • Magnesium engine oil cooler bypass
  • Porsche 906 barrel tins
  • EB engine tins
  • EB-machined matching 906 carb plates for 46 Weber carburettors 
  • EB choke tube covers
  • Modified PMO intakes for the 906 look
  • Full 5 axis porting to match the carbs to heads
  • EB plug lead holders
  • Lower spark plug retainers
  • Lightweight EB engine brace (stress analysed to outperform all similar products) 
  • Replica Marelli twin plug distributor
  • Custom stainless steel exhaust manifolds
  • Custom matching exhaust & silencer
  • Custom throttle bracket - lots of machining on both CNC machines
  • Modified engine harness

We’re excited to get this engine in the car and start road testing. Stay tuned for more updates!

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