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Aluminium Door Hinges for Porsche 911

Aluminium Door Hinges for Porsche 911

EB Motorsport’s all-new aluminium door hinges for Porsche 911 solve the huge problem of how to mount doors, when the factory hinges are not easily removable.

EB’s hinge solution replicates the shape of factory hinges, but are machined from lightweight billet aluminium with a detailed aluminium pin and fitted bronze bush.

The cheap approach would be to use a plain steel pin and no bush, but that is not EB style. We machine the pin with splines, and indents top and bottom, so a centre punch stays put. The bronze bush adds longevity and makes them squeak-free.

Each hinge assembly saves 250g, so a total of 1 kg lost from the chassis. Our price is for a set of four complete hinges.

EB Motorsport’s door hinges are an accurate reproduction of the OEM steel unit, so parts are interchangeable (theoretically). However! We’ve had trouble trying split OEM hinges and getting the steel pin out, as they seize in and you end up damaging the pin and in most cases distorting one or both halves.

On original Porsche 911s, the hinge half fixed to the door is riveted in place, making it difficult to remove without destroying the door. Conclusion: buy the complete unit. Especially valid for builders chasing ultimate lightweight. A few mods to original doors and you can bolt-fit all of your door panels.

Our price: £760.00
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