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Porsche 911 RSR Oil System > Porsche 915 Gearbox OIl Pump Housing

Porsche 915 Gearbox OIl Pump Housing

Porsche 915 Gearbox OIl Pump Housing

The Porsche 911 RSR used an external gearbox oil cooler on its modified 915 transmission for better heat dissipation and increased reliability. The external housing for the additional oil pump gears required has been unavailable for decades, but now EB Motorsport has recreated the part in modern materials.

The EB oil pump housing is recreated in cast aluminium, using an original RSR assembly including the transmission end case to ensure an accurate fit in reproduction. A series of complex machining procedures is required to achieve the high quality finish associated with all EB parts.

EB Motorsport’s reproduction 915 transmission oil pump housing is supplied assembled with bushes for pump gears. Our part also includes the correct metric/fine adaptors and crush washers.

As an additional service, we can supply the complete system including transmission spray bars, pick-up drive gears and pressure relief valve.

Our price: £319.00
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