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Fuchs Wheels > 5.5 x 15-inch Fuchs Wheel

5.5 x 15-inch Fuchs Wheel

5.5 x 15-inch Fuchs Wheel

Manufactured to the same high standards as EB’s existing Fuchs reproductions in 9-inch and 11-inch x 15, and the well-known EB Deep 6 and 7R Fuchs rims, our 5.5x15" Fuchs reproduction alloy wheel is CNC machined from billet aluminium, with a laser welded barrel for optimum strength and accuracy.

Unlike the original Fuchs wheels, the EB Motorsport 5.5-inch Fuchs are ready to accept modern tyres and valves, with machined tyre beads and properly machined valve holes. They are also a perfect fit for the collapsible spare tyres on many air-cooled Porsche 911s.

The 5.5 x 15-inch Fuchs wheel is now mandatory for all 2-litre 911s built to Appendix K for FIA Historical Technical Passport (FIA HTP). These new wheels are much more robust than original fifty year-old wheels with unknown history. Al racers are advised to consider the safety of using old wheels versus new.

Shown here in bespoke colour match, these wheels are available in a range of finishes. Contact us with any questions.

Our price: £900.00
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