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Lightweight Glass Alternatives > Lightweight Porsche Cayman Tailgate

Lightweight Porsche Cayman Tailgate

Lightweight Porsche Cayman Tailgate

EB Motorsport has developed a lightweight version of the all-steel Porsche Cayman tailgate. Moulded from an original Porsche Cayman tailgate, our composite technicians have developed moulds and fine-tuned construction over a series of production runs, before settling on the lightest, strongest part possible.

The original steel tailgate weighs 18 kilograms without glass, trim and fittings and stripped back to bare metal. Our lightweight composite Porsche Cayman tailgate weighs just 6 kilograms, and is beautifully finished, ready for paint with a light sanding. Made to take all the standard glass and trim as a direct fit, the reassembled tailgate removes up to 12 kilos from the rear of the car: more if you lose the rear wiper.

Twelve kilos might not sound like much, but every bit of weight removed is less for the suspension to manage. Add this to other improvements that Cayman owners typically add to go racing or for track day use, and this bolt-on panel contributes to a more poised and nimble chassis, which builds upon the original car’s excellent dynamics.

Our price: £520.00
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