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Performance Parts



Porsche 911 MFI Slide ThrottlesPorsche 911 MFI Slide Throttles  £6,990.00
Flawless reproduction of the Porsche 911 RSR slide throttle MFI injection system...
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Performance Airbox for Slide InjectionPerformance Airbox for Slide Injection  £636.00
Performance intake filtration system for Slide Throttle Injection...
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Porsche High Butterfly MFI ThrottlesPorsche High Butterfly MFI Throttles  £5,080.00
Perfect reproduction of original high-butterfly MFI throttle system for Porsche engines...
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Wood Dash SWB Porsche 911 912Wood Dash SWB Porsche 911 912  £540.00
Quality reproduction of the original wood dash panels for Porsche 911 and 912 models from ...
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225mm Small Fan Housing225mm Small Fan Housing  £1,480.00
Superb reproduction of the 225 or 229 mm Porsche small fan housing...
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100-litre Steel Fuel Tank100-litre Steel Fuel Tank  £2,300.00
A terrific reproduction of the steel 100-litre sports purpose fuel tanks used on factory r...
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Centre Fuel Filler and CapCentre Fuel Filler and Cap  £315.00
Additional centre fuel filler neck and filler cap for the EB Motorsport 100-litre fuel tan...
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100-litre fuel tank sender100-litre fuel tank sender  £290.00
Fuel tank level sender for our 100L fuel tank...
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Porsche 911 MFI Pump Support ArmPorsche 911 MFI Pump Support Arm  £410.00
All-new Porsche 911 Fuel Pump Support Arm for Mechanical Fuel Injection systems...
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Aluminium MFI Pump Base PlateAluminium MFI Pump Base Plate  £363.00
A wonderful recreation of the rare MFI base plate for Porsche 911 engines, recreated in al...
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Bosch Twin-Plug Porsche DistributorBosch Twin-Plug Porsche Distributor  £3,600.00
Incredible reproduction of BOSCH twin-plug distributor with later internals...
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Porsche 911 Plug Lead Holder KitPorsche 911 Plug Lead Holder Kit  £73.00
Perfectly finished spark plug wire holders for Porsche 911 engines...
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Porsche 911 Spark Plug Retainers (upper)Porsche 911 Spark Plug Retainers (upper)  £42.00
Clips in spring steel typically used to stop 911 plug lead connections from popping off at...
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Anti Roll Bars: Front & RearAnti Roll Bars: Front & Rear  £1,600.00
Beautifully finished full car set of matching front and rear anti-roll bars (sway bars)...
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Porsche 911 Engine BracePorsche 911 Engine Brace  £149.00
Lightweight engine brace, CAD designed for optimum stiffness...
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Porsche 906/911R Cylinder Cooling TinsPorsche 906/911R Cylinder Cooling Tins  £171.00
Handmade cylinder cooling plates recreating the shape and efficiency of early 2-litre Pors...
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Sports Purpose Strut BraceSports Purpose Strut Brace  £195.00
Period sports purpose weld-in strut brace for Porsche 911 front suspension turrets...
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K&N Performance Air FilterK&N Performance Air Filter  £69.00
High flow air filter, replaces cylindrical filter on Classic Porsche 911...
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